Sellers beware: WINTER IS COMING [credit: Game of Thrones] (please don't sue us).  

But what does that mean for selling your home?  Should you really wait until Spring like everyone else?

Conventional wisdom, of course, tells us that Spring is the best time to list a home for sale, the thought being that more buyers are actively looking to buy in the spring and thus, sellers have a greater chance of selling more quickly and for more money.

But is it true?  Let's take a closer look.  Like nearly everything, the devil is in the details.  

Consider this first chart, which shows us a downward trend in the number of listings from October to January each year: 

Source: Cape Girardeau County MLS and MARIS MLS

This chart tells us one important thing: Your competition is sitting at home for the winter. Literally.

Consider that fact in light of these figures:

Source: Cape Girardeau County MLS and MARIS MLS

What do these numbers all mean?  Well, for starters, bear in mind that roughly 25% of homes should, in theory, sell in any three month period of a calendar year (3 / 12 = .25).  The chart goes on to tell us what actually happens: (1) roughly 20-21% of homes in a given calendar year sell in the winter months, and (2) roughly 27-28% of homes in a given calendar year sell in the spring months.  Comparing those numbers to 25%, the difference between summer and winter sales activity is not very large.

There's more.  Remember the first chart?  The one that tells us how low inventory is in the winter and how high it starts to creep in the spring?  When you factor in the inventory counts and compare them to the sales numbers, the difference between the time periods is almost negligible.

So when is your home more likely to sell?  That conventional wisdom may be doing you a disservice. 

Winter is coming, but don't discount it!