Priscilla Kasten, REALTOR®


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Hi, I'm Priscilla Kasten.  I started out as a pharmaceutical representative in this area about 25 years ago.  I have driven all over the country of Southeast Missouri and have lived in Cape Girardeau, Jackson, on a ranch in Millersville and now, back in Cape Girardeau, again. I took some time off to raise a couple of children and in the process of all this bought and sold real estate several times over.  What did all this give me?  A lot of experience living different places, understanding housing needs, whether rural or city, and understanding the various needs of families or just being a busy single person.   

I started out in the real estate field as an assistant and learned quickly the ins and outs of contracts, marketing a home successfully and diligently helping people seek and find the perfect home for themselves.  It's an exciting adventure - a very important one!  Where you live is where you find comfort, your extra interests, family, friends.  It's the place for YOU!  It's important to me, too.  I believe in working hard to do the BEST for my clients.  I'd love to work for you!  Email me or give me a call!!

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